Winkle Parlor Pistol

These guns were designed for indoor target practice. Very well made and distinctive. Overall length is 11 ½". The actual octagonal barrel is 3 1/4" long. The action of the pistol is housed within a metal sleeve which extends rearward from the barrel and has a square cross section with truncated corners. The overall length of the action with the barrel is 7". The top of the barrel is engraved "JOS:WINKLER." Top of the action is also engraved with a typical Germanic scroll.

Coloration of the metal parts is dull gray and the engraving is fairly sharp. Barrel is mounted with a small blade front sight which is dovetailed into the barrel. The caliber is about .17. One piece walnut stock is checkered on the grip with very little wear to the checkering. Checkering has a fancy scalloped border. Rounded butt is very nicely relief carved with an oak leaf pattern. A small pick style implement is threaded into the bottom of the butt. A semi-sawhandle grip profile is present with a crude notch rear sight screwed on top of the grip. Fancy steel triggerguard with nice engraving present. The gun is cocked by pulling a spring loaded plunger rearward using protruding ears on either side of the plunger. Action is faulty in that the plunger will not stay in the cocked position. Loading is accomplished by rotating a small knob on the right side of the action which exposes the chamber on top and a percussion nipple on the bottom. Loading is accomplished by placing a lead ball into the chamber on the top and capping the nipple.